Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yes I Can...

I remember when we first got up in front of the class to briefly describe what we wanted to do for our thesis.  My first question was "Can I make money being in a band in this area?"  Yes I can.  I auditioned for, and have officially been invited to perform with country singer Charley Jenkins.  From what I can tell, this is one of the better paying gigs in Utah.  I'll be playing keyboard, guitar, and singing harmony vocals.  check it out at

The next Prince of Whales show is a benefit to help International Action and Help International raise funds for Haiti and Uganda.  April 1st (no that's not a joke) at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo.  An easy way to experience great live music and help a great cause!  You can see the scheduled date on the Velour Show Calendar

Advisors update:  in English, Dr. Boyd Petersen; music advisor will be confirmed after spring break.



  1. It is wonderful that everything is coming together for you and that you are able to use your talent in a way that will also benefit others as well!YES YOU CAN!!!

  2. Alex,

    it's nice to see that the capstone project and the professional progress are mutually reinforcing, not mutually impeding. Glad you've got your first adviser on board. Keep notes (or a journal) on your gigs as a paying musician. They may prove to be a valuable contribution to the capstone thesis itself.

  3. Alex, congratulations on the new line of work. To keep the money flowing in Brooklyn, where he lives, my son Tom, a jazz musician, plays with his own big band, his wife's quintet, a group called the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, a wedding group called Lapis Luna, and a dozen other groups that he juggles.

    I very much like Mark's suggestion that you write often (you could do that here on this blog, if you wanted) about being a working musician. It could be a wonderful part of the thesis.